Brigit’s Flame Fall Mini Contest | Reading List and Ratings

Happy Halloween Brigit’s Flame!



For this mini contest we will be rating the submissions by X out of 5 shivers.
Use whatever measure you like to rate them, but keep in mind the challenge guidelines. This contest was set for flash fiction of 100 words or less in a timely theme of  spooky, creepy, scary, kooky, freaky, or otherwise skin-crawly.

Enjoy your scares –

darlinleo wrote No Title, Word Count:99

ayumidah wrote “Overcome”, Word Count:100

MelanieBrooke wrote “The House”, Word Count:95

missflyer wrote “Cat’s Eyes”, Word Count:14

MeganReedWrites wrote “Nostalgia”, Word Count:25

jlly_coppercorn wrote “Career Change”, Word Count:97

hwango wrote No Title, Word Count:100


And now the entries submitted as just for fun (but no less shiver inducing).

urb_banal wrote “WTF”, Word Count:1,500, Warning: So real it’s scary!

aquarius_galuxy wrote “Obon”, Word Count:1,048, Warning: PG, totally not scary

missflyer wrote “Stuffed or Metal?”, Word Count:94, Dr.Who related

jlly_coppercorn wrote “Gossamer”, Word Count:100

If you experience any difficulty leaving comments on the journal entries, feel free to leave them below (addressed to the member) and we’ll make sure to pass them along.

Voting closes on Dia de los Muertos (November 2nd) just before the clock strikes midnight (11:45pm) and all of the good folk say goodbye for another year.

*the poll will actually be open until Friday, November 7th but don’t tell the dead.

ravencheyflight two


About brigitsflame

Brigit's Flame is an ever-evolving online writing community. We offer writing prompts and inspiration while sharing our own writing and reading observations with an audience of writers, poets, and readers. We encourage peer readership and constructive criticism for all of our members. Our motivation is simple -- creativity is a precious resource to be nurtured and the results of the creative process can grow into something beautiful when shared. All writing you share with us remains your property. Come check us out on Brigits Flame Writing Community on Wordpress and be sure to follow our activity on Brigits Flame on facebook, Brigits Flame on tumblr, or Brigits Flame on twitter. We are everywhere you are.
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9 Responses to Brigit’s Flame Fall Mini Contest | Reading List and Ratings

  1. Rio says:

    Hi Ho! I got it so wrong! I missed the 100 word thing. Argh! Looking forward to some scary reads!!!!


  2. What is the right way to vote? I don’t know if just clicking on the stars is good enough?


    • brigitsflame says:

      Just as you would to rate something on a retail website, click on the highest star you would like to rate the story. The row of stars beneath the link is for that story. Even though I set it up, this confused me when I was voting.
      I apologize, it was our first time using this feature.


  3. fawatson says:

    Comment on “The House” – Very scary (I tried using my LJ info to comment on the story but the site this author uses just kept telling me I had ‘illegal’ characters and wouldn’t post it.)


    • brigitsflame says:

      We will pass it along 🙂

      It’s all those illeagal ‘F’s and ‘A’s, not to mention your rather impertinent ‘W’.

      Open ID does not appear to run smoothly for everyone. Darlinleo has been having trouble commenting on your dreamwidth posts and she had trouble with the same post as you.

      Thank you for popping in to read and vote 🙂


  4. I am so excited to see our two newest writers in the mini! Welcome, Melanie DeWitt and MeganReedWrites! Methinks Brigit’s Flame is going to boom this November 🙂



  5. Reblogged this on generationkathy and commented:
    rigit’s Flame is a comepetitve, online, writing community that originated on live journal in 2008. We hold monthly contests for bragging rights that are structured around writing for one prompt per week for four weeks. Winners are voted upon by the community and advance to the following week’s competition. Each week’s prompt is unique, so in order to win you must submit four winning stories in a single month. We also sustain the community via daily chatter posts sparked by one of our mods. Anyone is free to comment and join the conversation. All writing you share with us should be accessible by your peers regardless of site registrations. Come check us out on Brigits Flame LiveJournal Community or Brigits Flame Facebook Community.


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