Defining word(s) of 2015 by amri

Good Morning and Happy New Year’s Day Flamelings!

Let’s talk about the new year and what it means to you in a word or three.

Last week ctfd_ricochey asked about resolutions for the new year and yesterday jlly_coppercorn asked about your 2014.  Reading yesterday’s comments, particularly from cedarwolfsinger whose comment declared 2015 is the year for flourishing, made me think about my own hopes, resolutions, and rituals for 2015.

As I had mentioned in my own comment, my year was okay.  Due to some negative events at the end of the year, I lump it into more of a down year than an up year. A positive to the negative is these events opened my eyes to my life and how I want to live it.  If I had to pick one word for 2015, I want to go with the simple word of daring.

I’m painfully introverted and so happen to be quite shy at the same time.   I find myself mostly frustrated by this at my place of employment.  They do social events, forced team activities and my ‘office’ at work is no more than an airy cube where I hear everything and am aware that everyone can also hear me.

While I know I will probably always be introverted and shy to a point, I use this as a crutch to not even try things.   I debated for a full day back and forth with myself on whether to do the Thursday Chatters.  I knew I could be a big help to the community but then again, I would have to talk about either myself or what happened in my life or my opinions on matters.  All of these quite scary to me!

I want to break free of this fear that keeps me imprisoned and stop turning myself into a cliche.  For those reasons, my word for 2015 is daring.

To borrow from the comments of yesterday’s post, what’s your defining word or words for 2015 and why?


Deadline for week 4 mini contest “Walk The Past To Sleep—Lay Her Down And Let Her Rest” is Sunday 1/4, at midnight EST.


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3 Responses to Defining word(s) of 2015 by amri

  1. And so shall it be. Happy New Year!

    While 2014 was quite amazing all around for me and my little family, some troublesome personal issues remained evident all year. Specifically, my lack of skill with time management. Day-to-day this lack of skill doesn’t produce disastrous results, usually, but as one week blurs into another goals that I really want to meet get lost in the shuffle. Three months, then six months along, I have to face that I haven’t been writing productively, I still haven’t begun to exercise regularly, oh yeah… I didn’t do that other thing or pay that old bill that’s marring my credit record (even though I’ve saved up the money), and I still haven’t gotten my husband that terrific birthday surprise that I’ve planned since his last birthday. *sighs*

    It’s the big things that I miss–those special tasks that would really improve my sense of accomplishment and create big, beautiful memories. Opportunities come knocking and I’m still catching up on laundry or running off to a family event I promised to attend, or just trying to figure out where I left the car keys so I can get to work ten minutes early for a change.

    Sometimes, I just feel like I’m a mess.

    My defining words for 2015 must be: Kathy, get ready. Be ready. It’s happening now.

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  2. amri says:

    That’s a really good goal to have. I too feel the busy of life keeping me from things I mean to do. Important things stay lodged at the forefront but like you, I keep forgetting things like go visit my mother just because, call friends and family members just because, paint that unfinished table in my office because it hasn’t matched anything for months. Be ready. 2015 is the year for change!

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  3. I think that a defining word is much easier to live by than a set of resolutions.
    I am with you on ‘daring’, I actually smiled out loud when I read that.

    I tend to be very introverted (in person), but a few months ago I started work as a consultant which means I meet new people all the time. I’m not usually very comfortable with that. The client I’m working for is a company that started small and expanded in a few years to this billion dollar corp that had no idea it would happen that fast. For this reason they need people to build structure and processes for them, but no desks to spare. My “office” is a copy room with a row of card tables down the aisle between rows of filing cabinets. I share this space with up to four other consultant at any given time. Most of the consultants are gregarious, chummy people and then there’s me, stuck in the middle with my headphones on to drown out their talking and focused on my screen. I never saw anything wrong with this because I am paid to provide a service not be sociable.

    Then on Halloween, the company held a huge decorating contest and costume contests which took up the whole morning. I did make a little time to walk around and check out – I love Halloween. At some point during the festivities, when I was back at my card table working, one of the other consultants called me a grinch because I wasn’t wandering the halls gawking at the costumes. That really bugged me, but not just because she was insulting me for being a contientious worker, but because while I was standing next to her taking pictures of a group of people painted up for a DIa de Los Muertos theme, she complained that my elbow was blocking her camera for the shot. Half an hour later she couldn’t even remember that I was there.

    My word for 2015 will be wait.
    I have become increasingly impatient with the people in my life, particularly with my boyfriend, I need to work on stopping to listen first, to consider first, to breathe first – before I react and unintentionally alienate the people I really need and want in my life.


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