December Series of Minis – Week Four Reading List and Poll

Good morning Flames!
I have your last reading list for the December Series of Minis.
Our December mini event saw consistent participation each of the four weeks, bringing us some excellent stories and poetry. Darlinleo deserves big hugs and applause for drawing us all together each week to write and share. Thank you all for your dedication and for spending the last of 2014 with us.

This list is made up of submissions written for the prompt – “Walk The Past To Sleep — Lay Her Down And Let Her Rest”.

Let’s see how your fellow embers were inspired:

Title: “Who We Were Then”
Author: alethessa
Word Count: 105
Warnings: none

Title: Soon
Author: ayumidah
Word Count: 769
Warnings: none

Title: Thought and Memory
Author: cedarwolfsinger
Word Count: 968 words
Warnings: none

Title: Hand in Hand to
Author: bardiphouka
Word Count: 154
Warnings: none

Title: Lay the Past Down and Let Her Rest
Author: missflyer
Word Count: 265
Warnings: none

Title: “To Put the Past to Rest
Author: RicoChey
WC: 1,373
Warnings: none, PG-rated

Title: Walk The Past To Sleep—Lay Her Down And Let Her Rest
Author: Urb-banal
Word Count: 12
Warnings: The title is almost as long as the Haiku!

The voting will not be open all week, so get your reading done early and cast your votes by 11:45pm Wednesday.
Don’t forget to drop a note to your fellow writers to let them know they are appreciated. If it’s an offsite blog and you have trouble with commenting, feel free to share your comments here and we’ll pass them along. In fact, I encourage you to share some public thoughts below with the community. Let’s talk about what we read, together.

We love it when our Embers write, but we also need the community to come together and read what’s being submitted. Even if you didn’t have time to write this week, please take a few minutes to read and encourage your friends to read as well. Share our fire!



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