Wednesday Chatter (and whatnot)

Look at meI’m in Chatters! *shadoobee*

Time – are you allies, friends, or do you simply ignore each other’s existence and talk trash about each other at parties?

RicoChey & Darlinleo kicked off this first full week of the new year talking about time. Does the amount of time you put into something improve the quality?
Do you spend your time wisely?
What I want to know is – how do feel about time? Are you on good terms?

I have always had an issue with time. There’s never enough when I need it, and it disappears when I’m not looking. Nothing stresses me out more than running out of time (except maybe when something won’t take my password and I have to change it again).
If I had a time machine or a time turner, I would run myself ragged trying to finish everything I started and squeeze in all of the things I never get to do anymore.

I was thinking about it yesterday – if I had a room where time did not pass, but allowed me to move about freely I would write the most amazing stories (I think). Not because I would have so much time to put into them they would be better, but because I wouldn’t have to cut out my ideas because I was running out of time to write them down. Of course, that could also be a bad thing because I have way too many ideas for one reader to be forced to slog through in order to get to ‘The End’.

Despite the fact that time might be saving future readers of my work from bunny trails and multi-dimensional tangents, I hate time. If only it could be more flexible.

What about you?

Reminder time – Last chance to vote on the fourth submissions in the December Series of Minis. Voting closes tonight! #goread

What dreams do you have of a better world? What compels your characters down that path? Utopia: Inception is the writing topic this week #gowrite


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One Response to Wednesday Chatter (and whatnot)

  1. Flexible, she ain’t.

    I resolved a while back to stop fighting time. But that hasn’t gone well. I’m a waster, unfortunately, and generally very unaware while I’m in the midst of some serious wasting. Then there are days when I try to cram EVERYTHING in a measly 24-hours and I become painfully aware of all that other time I did nothing at all with. Does time give a fig? No. I swear some days I can hear her laughing at me.

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