Chatter Post – Friday, January 9, 2015 — Week 2

Chatter Post – Friday, January 9, 2015

So we seem to be dealing with time. I think my colleagues have taken it all the places it can go. I will make a play on it and talk about timing.

I am a musician – I sing alto, play doumbek (Middle Eastern drum), and flute (European and Native). Yesterday, a friend of mine with whom I have played at our church, e-mailed me and asked if I could step in and play tambourine on a couple of pieces in a performance of her recorder ensemble on Sunday. I said I would be happy to. Tonight was the first of two rehearsals. I played tambourine (and will probably play doumbek) on a few pieces. On other pieces, I just watched and listened. If you are not a musician, you might not know that musicians often beat time with their toes. During the pieces that did not require my people keeping the beat. I am really surprised that they kept together at all because the beat on the feet was NOT the same. Some of the folks were keeping a beat that had no connection any other player OR to the beat of the music. I have been a musician for 51 years. I used to dance (when I had legs that worked). It just mystifies me that people who play instruments cannot keep a simple beat. One of the players wanted me to play on everything because it was easy to keep the beat with a percussionist. The director did not. That’s fine. I had a good time and the performance should be interesting as it is a Medieval Twelfth Night celebration – and I have my own garb which I am bringing to the Saturday rehearsal to see if it passes their standards.

Do you have anything that people do (who are touted to be proficient at a certain skill) that mystifies you? If you are a musician, do you keep time by tapping your foot?

Reminder: Deadline for week one topic Utopia: Inception is Sunday 1/11, 11:45 EST. #gowrite


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2 Responses to Chatter Post – Friday, January 9, 2015 — Week 2

  1. I am the least musically inclined person ever! No natural rhythm to speak of 😦

    I do have two nephews that are musicians — one a rock drummer, and one trained first in jazz piano, then in marching band percussion. These guys are amazing, and I love attending their shows. One of my favorite visual treats while attending these shows is watching how each band member keeps time. It’s fascinating.


  2. I’m with Kathy. I’ve got no rhythm.

    I used to go hiking at this preserve where an open drumming circle would meet each week for a few hours. I loved to listen, so I accepted their invitation to chill with them following my hike. After a few weeks they started handing me small things to keep time with – maracas, a stick strung with bottle caps, eggs that rattled. I did okay, but it was pretty informal. Then they started pushing me to grab a drum and really play. I crashed and burned and almost took another drummer out with me. I left in shame and haven’t been back.

    There was lots of toe tapping, not by me though.

    I also cannot dance.


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