Thursday Chatter

Good Morning Flamelings!

Let’s continue this unofficial theme of time and expand on yesterday’s chatter about your relationship with time.

I am one of those people that would rather be early than late.  Being late causes me uncomfortable amounts of anxiety.  It’s one of those sore spots that bring out the worst of my personality traits such as the innocent paranoia that we all get if we feel that someone is talking about us behind our backs, or judging us on something trivial like that spinach that’s in our front teeth or wearing white after Labor Day.  (you rebel you)

If I’m late, I would rather not even go at all.  I become moody, sulky and convinced that everyone is now talking about how irresponsible I am for showing up late.  I’ve tried to tell myself that it is silly, especially when it comes to where I work.  They are very laid back about being on time and traffic is dreadful at the best of times.  I cannot convince myself to relax on this point however.

Are you comfortable with being late or are you chronically late for everything?  How about being early or even one of those lucky ones that manages to be on time for almost everything in life?


Deadline for week one topic Utopia: Inception is Sunday 1/11, 11:45 EST. #gowrite


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One Response to Thursday Chatter

  1. Well, I was two hours late for my own wedding so …

    I kicked the chronic lateness around age 25 when I was put in charge of a portrait studio. If not for that job, I don’t know if I would have ever changed. Prior to, I really didn’t see what the big deal was about being ON TIME. Overrated, I thought.

    Nowadays I’m rarely late or early. I think I did an excellent turn around from my youth, so I’m not going to sweat trying to get somewhere fifteen minutes before required 😉


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