Submitting For Publication: Notification Of Online Venues

Writers! I have some nifty links for you to peruse.

Crab Fat Literary Magazine:

Crab Fat is always accepting flash fiction, short stories, poetry, and visual art.Crab Fat is interested in honesty, no matter how brutal it is. Don’t be afraid to use real language. Crab Fat is not interested in robotic academic language; frank language is always the best, even if that means using profanity and non-standard English. Break away from traditional structures and mainstream ideologies. A good plot means something, but doesn’t always mean everything. Emotive writing is most important.

Storm Cellar Quarterly :

Storm Cellar, a literary journal of safety and danger, is now reading for its Summer ’15 issue. We seek surprising, aesthetically ambitious prose, poetry, and chimeras; we welcome visual art in any medium. Midwesterners and women are encouraged; we’re listening for under-represented voices. Send us your earthquakes, your codes, your scientist hearts in the dark.

Coe Review:

Call for Fiction (Flash Included) Deadline: March 18, 2015

Coe Review, established in 1971 and run by an entirely undergraduate editorial staff, wants to read your fiction. From our hundreds of submissions, we choose those with refreshing perspectives, forms, styles, and messages. The best issues are created from a passionate staff and writers to be passionate about, and we love being able to fight for your work.

In the fall we discussed submitting works for publication. Who’s gotten their feet wet since? Are you working on a collection for a specific opportunity? Spill the beans! I’d love to know what writing projects you have underway.

If you haven’t yet found the perfect home for your work, check out this Call for Submissions page. There are oodles! (Be sure to pay close attention to reading fee requirements and deadlines.)

Don’t forget to read and vote for Utopia: Inception

January Week Two topic is underway: Utopia: Unity

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