Monday Chatter, brought to you by RicoChey!

Today’s Chatter is brought to y0u a few hours later by the magic of surprise days off and dreams entirely too good to cut short. I stayed in bed until 11AM on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day because I was having a looping dream about a life where I randomly go back home to Iowa for weekends without telling anyone I’m gonna do it. I also dreamt of movie characters and a hugely elaborate cafeteria but, that seems to be a digression from my main point.

I don’t know that I miss living in Iowa, but I do miss the people with whom I lived. I miss Mom and Dad (my brother can bite dust — he wouldn’t even let me borrow the car in the dream), I miss my animals I left behind to live on the farm, and I miss my friends. I moved back here in the Winter of 2012 and didn’t go back for a vacation until the Fall of 2014. I hung out with my parents, I ignored my brother, I touched my dogs, and I saw the two friends I was most aching to go back for. It was a good trip. But, six days later, it wasn’t enough, and now I have recurring dreams of a life that allows me to fly back whenever the whimsy tickles.

Thing is though, I think most people who can afford to just up and leave whenever they want are more apt to use that money and time on big getaways. Trips, cruises, adventures — like the people who live in a neighboring state and spend all of their time trying to get back to the beach in California, or the Strip in Las Vegas; or, for you East Coast types, the Big Apple in New York? Atlantic City? Pick a theme, they’re all pretty similar. My question is this now: Does it say something about us if we fantasize only about going home? Seeing friends and family? Is it abnormal, especially at a young and “carefree” juncture of life, to have no naturally occurring desires to go on “real vacations”?

If you were a million (or even just a hundred-thousand) -aire with the ultimate luxury to zip away to whatever spot you choose on, say, a monthly basis, what would you choose? Do you find your choice is influenced more by comfort or by fun?

REMINDERS: Your Week Two Voting Poll needs attention and closes on Thursday, January 23rd at 2345EST. Your Week Three Topic, Utopia: Tradition & Ritual, is practically BEGGING for your interpretation! But if you’re more of the mind to learn something about yourself as a writer and help your peers grow alongside you, maybe darlinleo’s Dialog Workshop is what’s right for you!


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One Response to Monday Chatter, brought to you by RicoChey!

  1. I don’t really have a “home” to go back to. If I could travel regularly (not just a money issue, but a dog issue), I wouldn’t go to the same place over and over, I’d use the privilege to explore. I would work in visits to see my son (South Carolina) and this one aunt (Tennessee) I’m very fond of, but I would also tour caverns and nature preserves around the continent. I’d make a study of all the spots of natural beauty like waterfalls, rapids, rock formations, hot springs – the list is endless.
    Before Steve and the dogs, it was one of my fondest wishes to get an Airstream and a truck capable of hauling it. My plan was to drive until I found an inspirational spot (preferably where I could see all the stars at night) and check into the local KOA or campground with hook-ups (wi-fi?). I would spend the day exploring and the night writing. When the wonder dried up for me I’d hook the Airstream back up to the truck and move on.
    My life is so different now I’m not sure this would satisfy me the way I once imagined it would.


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