What Your Favorite Characters Say

In our Workshop we have an ongoing exercise project. I laid down some parameters for this project and invited writers to link their work in comments. Bluegerl, Amri, and I have already linked, and those pieces are awaiting feedback.

Today, I would like to broaden the parameters just a bit. Please feel free to offer up an exercise in dialogue that is 500-750 words. Your contribution may be part of a previous Brigit’s Flame entry, or an item you’re working on for January’s Utopia theme.

Let’s get some dialogue going about dialogue!

Meanwhile, let’s discuss your favorite characters and what they’ve said. In comments of this post, please quote your all time favorite (or, most recent favorite) literary scene. Tell us about the author, where you read the scene, and what really made this scene memorable for you. (And, yes, you may quote one of your own stories.) Does this particular piece continue to inspire your writing?

By the way, here are some more helpful links. Click away!

Show your support for our writers with comments & votes!

Get your entries in for Week Three, Utopia: Tradition and Ritual!

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