Wednesday Chatter (and whatnot)

Good morning, Flames!
Instead of a typical chatter post, I’d like to talk to you about some of the things going on in the Mod Center of the community to bring you up to speed and get your feedback.

As you know when the Next Generation team took the reigns, we had some goals driven by feedback from members who had left the community and or livejournal. Of those issues, the big three that we have focused on:
1. Building a facebook presence for the community.
2. Opening submissions and voting to members housed on sites other than livejournal.
3. Increasing the opportunity for personal challenge within the contests.

From what I have observed, the increased challenge has reinvigorated some of our writers, but not all. We are still working on structures that make the prompt compelling no matter what level of challenge you are looking for. Feedback in this arena is welcome.

We had a few kinks to work out, but poll daddy seems to be serving us well to bring all of the votes and submissions together. The biggest hurdle now is being able to comment on submissions shared from outside of livejournal.

For the facebook face, I think the Mod Team has done as much as we can there. It’s a great way to keep existing members in the loop, but it has not proved to be the kind of community building exercise that was anticipated. We won’t be abandoning it, but with facebook Page promotion rules changing all the time we have streamlined our efforts there and are reinvesting them elsewhere.

As for what’s new and how we are reinvesting the time –
In January we launched our WordPress blog as a new venue for people to come together and follow community events. This tool has really improved the administrative functions of the team and it has opened doors to sharing Brigit’s Flame on new venues where our members already reside. (Plus I think it looks pretty.)

Based on member activity, we have opened up a Tumblr community page and this week will go live with a Dreamwidth community page.

Kathy has started the year off with a wonderful workshop that provides us with another facet of the craft to get us putting our ideas “on paper” in a way that allows us to really focus on self-improvement and peer support. I hope we can find workshop topics and hosts to continue this practice for years to come.

We have drawn a few members back in and a few new members to our flame, with the various expansions I hope we will see more.

Our big challenges for 2015 are going to be community growth and creating an interactive website that will incorporate all of the Brigit’s Flame elements you love with some exciting new ways to interact – like live chat and forums.

We want you to be involved as much as you are able. We want you to feel like Brigit’s Flame is your neighborhood – your artists’ retreat. We want you to want to be here.

What you think so far? What would make this a better experience for you?

Be sure to read and vote on last week’s submissions.

Go write us something special for Utopia: Traditions and Ritual.

Peace 🙂


About brigitsflame

Brigit's Flame is an ever-evolving online writing community. We offer writing prompts and inspiration while sharing our own writing and reading observations with an audience of writers, poets, and readers. We encourage peer readership and constructive criticism for all of our members. Our motivation is simple -- creativity is a precious resource to be nurtured and the results of the creative process can grow into something beautiful when shared. All writing you share with us remains your property. Come check us out on Brigits Flame Writing Community on Wordpress and be sure to follow our activity on Brigits Flame on facebook, Brigits Flame on tumblr, or Brigits Flame on twitter. We are everywhere you are.
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