Thursday Chatter by amri

Good Morning Flamelings!

Let’s talk about being an adult.

I was in a multi-car accident this week.  Thankfully everyone was okay.  Unfortunately I was the car in the middle.  I got hit from behind and then I got shoved forward into the car in front of me.  Everyone involved knows what happened but in these situations there’s always anxiety about  whether everyone will do the right thing.

I’m 40 years old and I’ve only owned a car for 6 years.  Before that, I took public transportation, walked or rode my bike.  Having a car introduces a lot of experiences that I would consider new and overwhelming such as being in a wreck and having to deal with insurance and repairs.

While I am trying to remember to be thankful that I am okay, my inner self is whining because I have to be an adult.  It is situations like this that makes me want to stick my fingers in my ears and yell ‘la la la I can’t hear you’ until it goes away magically.

What are some of your ‘everyday’ kind of experiences that make you want to stick your fingers in your ears until it goes away?


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5 Responses to Thursday Chatter by amri

  1. Dealing with the DMV and their kind.
    Twice in the last two years the State of Florida has sent me a notice stating that my license was suspended because my automobile insurance carrier did not recognize me as having an active policy. Both times it was their error. I have State Farm insurance (and have had since 1996 or so, without fail), but their records showed I had some Automobile Owners Farmer’s Underwritten thing that I’d never heard of.

    After this was resolved the first time as being their error and my jumping through hoops to prove my insurance had never lapsed or changed, they had the balls to note in the second letter that it was the second infraction of this kind (per their records) and that I was in danger of losing my driving privaleges in the State of Florida permanently. That letter stated I was to immediatly go to my local DMV office to turn in my license and tag until the matter was resolved.

    I did not do that because I was concerned once they took it I’d have a hell of a time getting it back, but I was driving around paranoid for about a week until my insurance company emailed me a letter from the state acknowledging their error and that status of my license was fine. I check their site once a month now just to make sure I’m still in good standing.

    And I never did anything wrong. I whined so much even my father would have lost his patience.

    Car wrecks suck. I’m glad you’re okay.


  2. amricatt says:

    The DVR does suck! I moved to a different state and to get my car sorted out is another example of a special kind of nightmare.


  3. Rio says:

    I am not an adult.

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