Chatter Post for Friday, January 30, 2015

Hello, my friends of the Flame! Happy Thursday!!

Before I speak, I want to remind you to:

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OK, got the stuff in that I could easily forget in the tumult of my own words. That would be discourteous at the very least.

My home is in a state of upheaval just now. My sister and her fiancé have decided to move to West Virginia to live with her youngest son and his wife and children. They are leaving the beginning of March. They won’t be back to get the big things until some months later when they have 1) gotten their own place and 2) have saved the money to get a u-haul and drive it up and back.

Peggy and I have had a storage unit for a year and a bit: we each pay half the fee. I have some boxes there, she has many more than I. As of the end of February, we will not have a storage unit. They will not be storing anything there – instead, it will be in my house, including the stuff *I* have in storage because I cannot afford a storage unit by myself. Therefore: I must clean my office and arrange it so that the bins and boxes in which I have put things are stacked neatly, and I can get to them and move them around, and that they do NOT block access to the printer, which has happened in the past and I would prefer it not happening again. The office had gotten really out of hand last year. Each time I was in hospital, my husband would look for things to bring me in hospital and, instead of leaving anything neatly piled up, he would just throw it and if it landed somewhere and stayed there for ten seconds – that’s where it lived. Add that I was less and less able to do anything but survive, nothing had gotten done for a long time.

Tuesday, since it was snowing, I planned to get all the clothes and boxes from my office and bring them into the living room. I planned to straighten up my office, make room to put things away, and bring all the boxes back in here. I ran out of steam that night at 2 AM. Yesterday, I got up at 7:30 AM to do the basic things I had to do before going to my physical therapy appointment at 11 AM. I returned home at 12:30, and had to eat and prepare to be ready for another appointment at 3:15 PM. (You really don’t want to wear what you wore to PT to a doctor’s office, trust me!) I came home, changed clothes and started working on the cleaning. At 8 PM, Peggy came to me and said she needed to go to the emergency room. So I had to put my life on hold to take her. We got back about 10 PM. I worked on some things, remembered that I had to post a Chatter today, and started to write it.

After I took a series of micro-naps at the computer, during which my hands were still typing something that read like a fever dream, I decided that I would go to sleep (it was 2 AM) and finish this morning.

I got six hours of sleep, got up, took my meds, and came back to you! After I post this, I have to do the things I intended to do last night before I had to play ambulance. That means that I have today to get everything done because tomorrow my sister and her fiancé get their checks and we have to go around running errands, after which I will be very tired. Saturday, we have people coming over and I absolutely MUST have things set to rights by then. (Did I mention that everything that has gone OUT of the office so it could be cleaned is in the living room? Well – it is.)

I know I will get it done – my husband has offered to stack the bins up for me if I show him where I want them, which will be a big help. I feel like things were out of hand for so long, whatever possessed me to fix it the week before we were having a gathering at my house? Clearly, I misjudged how long things were going to take. Now I am running against the clock and it makes me crazy. OK, you’re right, crazier.

Have you ever had a major cleaning or repair or home improvement job that you later regretted starting at the particular time you started? Details, folks, details! When I take my five minute breaks today, which will be every hour or so, on the advice of my physical therapist, I want to hear about those events so I won’t feel like a total ass!

{In the total ass department: I did Chatters on Thursday for such a long time that I spaced that my day for Chatters is now FRIDAY! I think I must have packed my brain in one of those boxes! Now this will be post-dated and on time! I hope you all have a magnificent weekend!!}


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3 Responses to Chatter Post for Friday, January 30, 2015

  1. Last year we began the process of having our pool resurfaced eight weeks before Steve’s brother was coming to stay for a week. The contractor told us it would take four weeks max, but he could probably get it done in three. Instead it took most of eight weeks and one decorative component wasn’t finished for twelve weeks from the start date.

    When you first have a pool resurfaced, you have to spend time each day brushing the whole pool down to remove the excess surfacing material, then wash the filter out so it doesn’t clog. Swimming in the pool is not ideal during this time because the surfacing “dust” gets all over your skin and makes you itch and the chemicals are still in flux because it’s only a few days out of the hose – risk of stinging and itching.

    We only got to go swimming the last two days Steve’s brother was in Florida. Which was a shame because he really enjoyed coming down here to get away from the snow and the cold – the two of them soaking up the sun in their shades, sucking on their beer and stogies, floating around making fun of each other and cracking jokes. Mike would post a few selfies of this this view to show off to his friends back home, still shivering in their thick socks. Had we known the project would cut into Mike’s visit, we would have pushed them to start earlier or postponed it until after. Especially if we’d had an inkling it would be the last time the brothers would get to share a day in the pool and a meal on the grill.


  2. amricatt says:

    I think every time I get it in my head that I -really- want to clean something – like, the carpets or spring cleaning or going through some area in my apartment to organize, donate and clean – it takes MUCH longer than I anticipated. I rent so I don’t really have any home projects but I can’t imagine how much worse that would be if I did! There’s just really too many distractions and not enough fun in cleaning/organizing. At least you’ll have help!


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