Thursday Chatter by amri

Good Morning Flamelings!

This time of year always makes me homesick.  I’ve lived in my current area for 8.5 years and it’s considerably more south than where I grew up.   While my home state gets snow, my new state is currently hovering around 50 F.  I get homesick this time of year because this is when I start remembering it’s now halfway through winter and I haven’t seen snow yet. I yearn for a cold sweater-wearing, hot chocolate-sipping, snow-has-cancelled-life kind of day.

This homesickness starts showing up in my writings.  Characters suddenly starting to yearn for something of their past, even when it isn’t very typical of them.  How often does your real life start peeking through the barrier and bleed into your characters’ lives?  Is there something that happens regularly that makes the barrier thin more such as my love for winter?


Voting deadline for Utopia: Search for Meaning is Thursday, February 5th 11:45pm EST (tonight).  Show some love to the Flamelings that got inspired.

Submission deadline for the mini contest Curiouser & Curiouser is Sunday, February 8th 11:45pm EST.

Workshops are still ongoing; click the link to find both the dialogue and drabble ones!

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3 Responses to Thursday Chatter by amri

  1. My characters are definitely regional. Even if they love a new hometown or extensive travel, they always return to childhood landscapes in their memories. Those remain a yardstick for measuring real beauty.


  2. skyllairae says:

    When my characters have a memory gap I fill it in with one of mine, not exactly the same frame-by-frame kind of thing but I like giving something that feels real to me to make my characters feel real.


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