Chatter Post — Friday, February 6, 2015

Greetings, my friends of Flame!

I have the correct day this time. It is Friday, which is my day for Chatter! YAY!

I went to bed around 11 PM. Slept for about an hour and a half – and have been trying to go back to sleep to no avail. Since I have to write my Chatter, I figured I might as well get up and do that.

I had oral surgery on Tuesday – they took all my remaining teeth on top (eight, if I recall correctly), and six on the bottom. I’ve been taking pain meds since Tuesday. Tonight, I took the last one before going to bed. I fell asleep directly – and then woke up an hour and a half later – awake. Lovely.

I was not permitted to go to Physical Therapy on Wednesday, and Thursday was very cold here, so I stayed inside. I did some work around the house and I did not take a nap because I want to get out of that habit. I have an appointment on Friday, so I have to get up at a particular time. Of course, I can’t sleep the eve of the day I must get up early. Of course.

Oral surgery and pain medication knocks my perception of time for a loop. I *know* it has been less than three days since the surgery – it feels like it’s been more than a week. Part of that, I believe, is that I was told to rest as much as possible and not do any “heavy cardio” until Sunday. Since early January, when I had the bilateral cortisone shots in my hips, I have been going to Physical Therapy twice a week AND riding the recumbent bike at home. I haven’t been doing that since Tuesday, so I haven’t gotten tired from physical activity.

Do you ever lose track of your perception of time? If so, what causes that for you?

Take care and have a great weekend!!

Submission deadline for the mini contest Curiouser & Curiouser is Sunday, February 8th 11:45pm EST.

Workshops are still ongoing; click the link to find both the dialogue and drabble ones!


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2 Responses to Chatter Post — Friday, February 6, 2015

  1. Rio says:

    OMG! You poor thing! I can’t imagine what it must be like to have that many teeth out. I had one tooth pulled and it was horrible!

    Yes, when I had pneumonia and then again when I had the flu I had a note pad by my bed where I recorded the time and my temperature because other wise I would imagine that days had past.

    The worst time-wonkiness was after major surgery. Apparently for the first couple of days I would wake up, look at whoever and say, “Did I have the surgery?” lol Then they put me on a machine so I could self dose my pain meds and I would think I was buzzing a nurse to reposition my bed and instead I was re-dosing and passing out again. It was a plot to keep me quiet I am sure.

    Feel better soon!


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