As it happens-Sunday Chatter

The other day when I got up it was 4 degrees. At the moment it is 56 degrees. And at some point this week wer are supposed to get snow. Because that is how it should be. Sometime’s life’s only constant is a lack of constant.

Do you think that applies to writing also? I have to be honest, I am not 100%sure. If we treated our fiction the way real life treats us I think people would not find our stories believable.

What do you think? Do you think that making your stories too realistic makes them unbelievable? Or even worse sometimes…boring? Thankfully I know many people who speak as though they are part of a dialog. Makes it easier to cheat and write found poetry,or scripts. et tu?


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2 Responses to As it happens-Sunday Chatter

  1. Rio says:

    I don’t know! I know that if I tried to write the story of my life no one would believe it! It would take a better writer to make it a good read.
    As a reader, I enjoy good pacing in a story and I will follow anything story anywhere it takes me if it doesn’t leave me totally behind. Example: I just finished reading “A Tale of Two Cities” and while I found the language to be a bit cumbersome at first, I got the hang of it and rode all the way up to the guillotine with Mr. Carton and yet, reading, or trying to read William Gibson’s “Zero History” it was the pacing and language of this “high-tech dystopian thriller” that seemed impossible for me. I read with some degree of difficulty anyway but he just packs too much stuff into every paragraph, like he’s building a stone wall to lock me out with words. I REALLY WANTED TO LIKE HIM.


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