Monday Chatter, by RicoChey.

Raise your hand if you like to cook. It can’t be just me.

Since my decision to adopt a veganized lifestyle back in August, I’ve learned a lot about my own ability to cook. I knew I could, but choosing to live animal-product-free has presented the unique challenges I needed to really explore my capabilities. Now, I only eat food from outside my own home when other people are involved. It’s nice to go out to eat with friends, and while I would love to cook for them in my own home, I’m not really set up for that at the current time. That being said, I’ve become a person who also makes her own food from scratch. I don’t remember the last time I ate something at home that I hadn’t made myself from raw, fresh materials. I have more routine now when it comes to food than I have ever had.

Once every two weeks, I go on my big grocery trip. I tend to rush through them, but if I weren’t relying on other people’s cars for it, I could probably wander through the aisles for a couple hours, squeezing produce and eyeballing labels. That’s always on a Friday evening if I can help it, or a Saturday morning if I’m feeling reckless enough to step into a Costco with a paycheck burning a whole through the embossed numbers on my debit card. Saturday is my day to do whatever I please, and Sunday is… KITCHEN DAY. I don’t spend the whole day in there, but I definitely spend the majority there. I like to cook things in bulk throughout the day so that I don’t have to do anything but microwave during the week. The only thing I have to assemble are salads. Ultimate win.

I try to experiment with new recipes when I can. I memorize recipes well, so once they’re committed to memory, I don’t even need grocery lists for them anymore. It’s incredibly liberating. This weekend, I made creamy lemon bowtie pasta with roasted asparagus, dairy-free crockpot mac & cheese, French red potato salad, and I still have lemony orzo and handmade pretzels to add to the arsenal. That pasta? Whoa. That’s definitely a keeper.

What’s your personal food ritual? Are you a pre-packaged creature of convenience, or do you prefer the tactile experience of doing it all from sratch? Maybe you fall in the middle somewhere. Either way, any favorite meals you’d like to share?

REMINDERS: You have a second drabble to contend with, don’t you? Good thing we just talked about food — now you’ll be ready for PB&J!


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2 Responses to Monday Chatter, by RicoChey.

  1. Rio says:

    I have been chief cook and bottle washer for over thirty-five years and while for many years I did it because somebody had to I have recently come to enjoy it very much. I was always terrified of cooking and to be honest, my particular peccadillo was hating to have to eat. When I met my Zen teacher twenty-seven years ago, the first thing he said to me was, “What do you cook?” and from then on began my untying the knots of my relationship with food.
    I am happy to say that my daughter and her husband are great cooks and they really love entertaining friends with food! She recently became a vegetarian and we are all enjoying the result. I get recipes from her now! Circle of life or what? I just tried sautéed kale and cabbage, delish!

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