As it Happens-Sunday Chatter

Hardly New England weather but this weekend we have had 50 mph winds and temperatures somewhere between shiver and BRRRR. I would have stayed inside today but I ended up at urgent care. Migraine that had me hiding from the light in a closet. Just for you though I have come out of the….hmmm…you know that could be worded better. As it turns out it was due to a sinus infection.

whining over.

A friend posted a photograph of Louis Jordan as an example of class. She was quite right. But then a lot of men, not just actors, had class. I understand that a lot of it was superficial, but still one wore a suit and tie regardless of the job. There are photos of Harlem street gangs in the 30s wearing suits and ties. And hats. I never did understand baseball hats. I have berets and top hats and bowlers and fedoras etc. But for some reason I have stopped wearing ties. In fact the last public job I had I got in trouble for wearing suits.

Which leads me to this week’s question. Do you worry about how your characters are dressed? And when you are reading would you rather be told what they wore or imagine it yourself.


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