Chatter Post — Friday, February 20, 2015 — Week 3

Good day, my Friends of Fire. Happy Friday, and happy weekend!

I was just catching up on some of the Chatters for this week, and responded to the Tuesday chatter. Some of the comments were very interesting, and got the wheels turning. (Which is good because I had no idea in any of the worlds about what topic to choose for MY chatter.) I *HATE* the drabble as an art form. I find the work I have done this month bothersome because it does not feel *finished* to me. I’m writing because I’m a mod and I was “asked” to write {by Miss Bossy Pants herself}. I am not liking the process. NOT.AT.ALL! Then she asked about what other exercises people had done. I really enjoyed the discussion of English teachers who really challenged their students. It seemed to me that those who gave their students joy about writing were willing to play fast and loose with the “This is How You Teach Writing” rules.

The only writing games I have played have been Word Wars during NaNoWriMo. It’s a timed exercise – write as many words as you can in 15 minutes. In 2010, when I still was handwriting, I had decided not to participate in the word wars, because a typist is at least twice as fast as a handwriter. November 2014 is the month in which I realized that I could actually compose at the keyboard, and come up with something that seemed to be English and made sense. That had never happened to me before. My neurological issues had gotten so bad that I could not write for more than 5 minutes without such horrible tremors that my hand was all over the page and I couldn’t even read it. I was also woefully behind on word count as a consequence. So I sat down in front of the keyboard and, lo and behold, necessity being the mother of invention, I could do it. There was one more evening of word wars left in my Region’s chat room. We got 3 or 4 sessions in each night. Since the goal is to drive up word count for the Region, I figured it couldn’t hurt me. In the chat room, there is a chatbot named Timmy. He can creep up on you, welcome you to the group, throw things at you – and he can also challenge you to do a certain thing for the next round. My goal was to write more words each time. One round, Timmy challenged me to “write a scene in which the weather was crucial in some way.” Well, I decided to accept the challenge. With that thought of weather being critical, one of my characters whom I hadn’t seen much of all month, told me a snippet of her story. It was great – and I don’t know what I would have written without that challenge.

How do you feel about writing games? Do you feel that the prompts we have here are writing games? Do you like the challenges, or do you just want people to leave you alone and let you write?


Join in the Dialog Workshop, we have four exercises for you to explore.

The Week Three Challenge is “Heart-shaped Paper”. Your stories should consist of no more than 100 words, and be submitted by 11:45 EST 2/22. #gowrite


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2 Responses to Chatter Post — Friday, February 20, 2015 — Week 3

  1. I am finding it terribly interesting that people despise the drabble so much! Using them to refine sentences helped my writing immensely, it never really occurred to me that other writers would just as soon see them flushed down the toilet 😉

    Your NaNo game sounds a lot like something we all used to do in the FlameChat days. Someone would come up with a topic and time us for five minutes. In that five minutes we’d type like mad… the first one finished won. I walked away from FlameChat with tons of ideas, which is why I initiated the “FlameStorming” sessions. It was in one of those wildly quick games and an ensuing discussion that I got the name for one of the featured settings in my story, “Max Key”, which, to date, is the only short story I’ve ever finished.

    I, for one, need writing challenges. My husband was comparing my writing and his golf game yesterday. For each … I’ll use the word craft for this purpose… for each craft, we both have the same inherent need to pursue, constantly improve, produce, etc. Some days it’s a pure love/hate relationship, some days it’s a glorious and divine calling. I was telling him my recurring struggle, and my recurring fear that all my stories might be gone.

    I’m terrified that after finishing my current project, and revising three (old) stories for my second project this year, that I won’t be able to create new material. Hubby tells me in a serious tone, to tee up and “Don’t worry about the rhythm of your swing, just hit the fuckin’ ball!” Fitting advice, if you think about it. —>Just Write! Put your butt in the seat, and put the words on the page. Figure out the rest later.

    Well, there have been days where I can Just Write! And then there are days when I stare at the blank page until I feel like screaming. Sometimes, I need a nudge. I need a focus word, a phrase, an image. That’s one of the reasons why I have such an affinity for Brigit’s Flame.

    In between the prompts, though, I am determined to take hubby’s golf analogy to heart these next few months. I’m getting up every day and writing something. It may all go into the slush pile to look at later, but who knows… some of it just might end up in my next writing project intended for submission.


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