Thursday Chatter by amri

Good Morning Flamelings!

Let’s talk about life’s little distractions.

I am a creature of habit.  I love making lists, checkmarking them off and having a routine on which I do these things. Part of the reason I do this is because I have a terrible memory so it helps things run smoothly in my life and the other part of why I do it is that I’m inherently lazy.   There, I said it.  I don’t like the fact that I am lazy but I am.  I find shortcuts to everything that I can.  Unfortunately that only truly gives me joy when I’m at work, playing in Excel.

This coming weekend I am going to visit my mother so it was doubly important that I stick to my weekend routine last week because I essentially had to do two weekends worth of stuff in one weekend and introduce some of the to-do list into the week work, which I hate doing.  List was made, plans were set and then, bam.  I fell sick with a sinus infection; not one of those piddly little bounceback ones, but make me fall to my knees, don’t want to get out of bed, someone chop off my head so I’d feel better ones.

I didn’t do anything on my list.  I simply didn’t have the energy.   Now my whole routine is down the drain and I’m all willy nilly about everything.  It increases my stress and my memory loss.  I’ve also suffered from not knowing what day it is and what I still need to do to prepare for my visit to my mother’s to making sure my cats are okay while I’m gone.

One little distraction in life has burst my bubble.  Do you ever put yourself into these situations where one tiny little bump throws off everything?  Is it worse when it’s a big distraction or a little one?  On the other hand, do you sail through everything that life throws at you?


Voting deadline for week 3 heart-shaped paper is Thursday, February 26th 11:45pm EST (tonight).  Show some love to the Flamelings that got inspired.

Submission deadline for the mini contest for week 4 ‘Ha!—would a madman have been so wise as this?’ is Sunday, March 1st 11:45pm EST.

Workshops are still ongoing; click here to find both the dialogue and drabble ones!

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2 Responses to Thursday Chatter by amri

  1. Only always.

    I have to say the worst is a series of little distractions (or unforeseen situations). As they say, when it rains it pours. Or that’s how it happens with me, anyway. Hope you’re feeling better and back on track soon!


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