World Building

Good morning, my darlin’ Flamelings! Stories of Local Color await your reading, commenting, and voting! The field of competition is small for Week One, but there is plenty of room for Just For Fun entries in Week Two. Submissions for What Worlds May Come are due Sunday, March 15th.

In the movie, Midnight in Paris, the modern day main character, Gil, and the mysterious 20s era, Adriana, have a recurring debate over what was the “Golden Age”. Gil believes it was the 1920s, the age of Hemingway, Picasso, Stein, and Fitzgerald, when Paris was a den of artistic frenzy, Jazz, and plentiful booze. Adriana disagrees. For her it was thirty-some years before, another peace-time era in which art, music, and literary greats paved the way for those Gil admires so much.

The opportunity arises for these two wishful-thinking characters to choose what era to make their own. Adriana chooses to stay in the 1890s. Gil toys with the idea of remaining in the 1920s among all his heroes, but eventually, he comes to terms with facing the present and making his own future.

I mention this movie, because the main character’s propensity for wallowing in nostalgia while avoiding real life caused me to ask myself the question, what era would I choose?… which brought me to the question, what era might inspire me to venture into a “world building” project? This all led me to ponder the world building choices of the some of my favorite writers.

George R.R. Martin obviously had some fascination for England’s Middle-Ages when he sat down to write The Game of Thrones . From Joss Whedon’s body of work, we can surmise an appreciation for the cowboy, the anti-hero. Neither of these writers settled for a single archetype on which to base their tales, nor did they settle for holding to legendary or literary traditions in forming the worlds in which their characters reside. However, both begin with a hint of the elements drawn from what was done before.

What era, what legends might you choose as a basis for a world building project?


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