Chatter Post, Friday, March 13, 2015

Good morning! Happy Friday!! This is later than I usually post the Chatter. I am still recovering from a cold and I forgot what day it was yesterday until I was ready to go to sleep. Then, of course, is when I remembered that I usually *write* the chatter on Thursday night/early Friday morning and schedule it to *post* later. *SIGH*

I hope you have exciting plans for the weekend. I haven’t any yet, though I am hoping to get rid of this cold once and for all. I believe the weather will be spring-like, in which case I will wear a skirt to church on Sunday. I am looking forward to that, since I am losing weight and I want to wear the skirts and dresses I now own BEFORE I have to give them away because they are too big for me.

The first time I ever really cared about fashion was after I had gastric bypass surgery in 2003. I lost 140 pounds, and found I had no clothes that I could stand up in. I was working in Corporate America at the time and needed to look professional and put together on a daily basis. That’s when I developed “Cedar’s Rules of Shopping” — the first of those being that, unless it is a dress for a special occasion, I never buy an article of clothing unless it goes with at least three items I already own. Though I am not working outside the home just now, I still shop by that rule. These days I don’t wear skirts except to church. When the weather warms up, I expect that to change. I would generally prefer to wear a skirt in the spring and summer. When I am working around the house, cleaning and so forth, I don’t mind wearing clothes that are a bit big for me. That way, if I get something so dirty it isn’t fit to wash, I can toss it or cut it up for rags and not feel bad.

One of the garments I am giving away is a black leather vest that I bought last spring. I adore it, except that now I look like I am wearing my Father’s clothes when I wear it. Happily, I have a friend who is willing to check out the clothes I am ready to give away. I hope she can wear them. I have contacted various charities and no one wants them. That’s a real shame, I think, because the pieces I have that I bought for work are in very good condition. I don’t want any money for them, I just want someone to get joy out of them.

As I continue to lose weight, I will be putting together something called a “capsule wardrobe”.   The way I understand it, you choose a print or two with like colors and then pull your main pieces from neutrals so that basically everything goes with everything else. Sounds like a good theory – I am not certain how it will work in practice. The more items that go with each other, the easier it is to pack for a trip. Since I tend to over-pack, I sincerely want to learn this trick. I have a good friend who is a fashion design student. She has frequently blogged about designing a capsule wardrobe for herself. She graduates at the end of the month. After that, I will ask her what her fee is to work with me and form a plan for what items I need and what colors they should be. I am reasonably clear that my base prints will have shades of blue – one of my favorite colors, and a color in which all the shades actually look great on me. I need at least one dark skirt or pair of trousers for concert dress when I sing. Other than that, I am really open to new concepts.

After my sister had her gastric bypass in 2013, she accused me of “making her into a girl”. She never cared about her appearance before that because she didn’t like her body, she didn’t look in mirrors, and if an article of clothing went on and wasn’t terribly tight or dreadfully expensive, she would buy it so she didn’t have to go shopping again for as long as she could put it off. I understand that. Many folks I know who have had weight loss surgery share the same story.

How do you relate to shopping and fashions in clothing? Are you an impulse shopper? Do you have a closet full of items which don’t go with each other? Or do you shop with a list and only buy the garments you left home intending to buy? Do you enjoy planning your wardrobe for each season?


There were no eliminations this week, so all are contestants are free to #gowrite for us about “What Worlds May Come” You can also submit an entry “Just For Fun” if you didn’t write for week 1.

Have a great weekend! #gowrite!!


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