Manic Monday, hosted by RicoChey.

The Week Two voting poll has opened, and now it’s up to us to choose our favorites! Remember to offer feedback and encouragement where able (and willing) — we’re here to grow!

Next on the table, the Week Three topic is up, and I feel like it is just BEGGING me to jump in. Will you Live to Tell the Tale?

A few days ago, I posted the following status to Facebook:

“I dreamt Daniel (my boyfriend) and I were holed up in an underground base with a bunch of other survivors in a high tech research and combat training facility during a zombie apocalypse. The scourge had evolved to greater strength, speed, and cognition. In the base, we were safe. We could train, study, and live without the constant vigilance we’d needed above ground (except when we went out scouting or hunting to thin the numbers), and we were alright.

Then the ground above us began to shake. The scourge was clawing, scraping, and gnawing down through the earth to get to us, and now they were directly above our heads. The alliance we thought we had with the people in the white coats broke in an instant — they piled into an elevator tube and disappeared, bidding us good luck as the ceiling continued to tremor.

People began to scream and scatter. Daniel and I, armed and always ready, stood side by side, eyes up. I looked into his face. “I love you,” I said resolutely. He met my eyes and shook his head, having found the only fear left in my face. “I’m not worried,” he said, pulling me into a kiss just as the metal above us began to groan.

And I woke up.”

This isn’t the first dream I’ve ever had that made me want to write. Beyond the fact that it reflects some things I am actually processing in real life (only vaguely metaphorically), it also speaks to the tendency of my subconscious to bully me into writing more often. I suppose, if you should listen to anyone, it’s the part of your mind that knows you better than you do.

Do your dreams ever inspire you?


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9 Responses to Manic Monday, hosted by RicoChey.

  1. skyllairae says:

    That is such a beautiful dream story! You should totally use it to write the next brilliant zombie novel! I don’t have very many long dreams, mainly flashes of images and a few lines of dialogue here and there. When I remember what I dream I write a micro poem about it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That prompt isn’t begging. Consider yourself bossypantsed.


  3. This goes against everything I know about zombies.
    Zombies are dead. Their nervous system is animated by virus or priest – their cells are no longer replicating and reproducing. They can only decay.

    Your scourge cannot be zombies. Unless you want to break all of the zombie rules —
    Don’t do it, RicoChey? Don’t do it.


    • RicoChey says:

      I disagree that zombies can only take one form! To be zombie like is simply to lack the higher cognition of human thinking. It doesn’t mean you have to be any certain type of fictionally accepted zombie. Reanimation is always a key piece, of course, but who’s to say what state you return to when reanimated? Nah, I dunno. I think there is a greater realm of possibility than just walking corpses. It’s territory worth exploring!


  4. #nosuperzombies #dontcorruptthehorror


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