Manic Monday, hosted by RicoChey.

Goooooood morning, Brigit’s Flame!

The final topic for March is up and it’s delicious. How will you encounter The Devil I Have Not Met?

I have both a sentence AND an anecdotal question for you this morning. First, let me tell you how I spent my weekend. I went out Friday night with a friend to watch her have her septum pierced, and now I am obsessed with the idea of having my ears redone.

In 2010, I have 10g horseshoes in both ears. I was working up to a 6g because that’s where all the good jewelry starts. While visiting friends, I had an accident which led to the left one being RIPPED OUT by a car door. It took ten stitches to put my earlobe back together and eventually I let the right one close up on its own. I hadn’t considered starting over. Now it’s all I can think about.

I’m not one for body art, at least not for myself. For one thing, I don’t like needles. For another, I don’t like permanence, commitment, or damaging small parts of me irreversibly. So, ya know, piercings and tattoos are beyond me. They’re so beautiful though, when well executed. I always think someday I’ll be brave and inspired enough to have something done, but I ALWAYS punk out. I’m just a big weenie.

Are you a fan of body modification? Do you have any pieces you’d like to tell us about, or even show us? As with many, is it an addiction for you, or just a whimsy?

I also have a starter sentence for you! If you don’t remember the rules, just make sure you’re only contributing ONE sentence at a time, and that you’re allowing at least two turns in between your last turn and your current one. Here we go!: “I awoke to the shrill sound of something scraping along the length of the tall, glass windows…”


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2 Responses to Manic Monday, hosted by RicoChey.

  1. It was a sound that made dread roll in my gut and a chill run down my spine.


  2. skyllairae says:

    I love tattoos and piercings! I have 11 tattoos, all done by the best artists I could find at the time. I have also had 7 piercings (belly button, tongue, lip, eyebrow, 2 nose piercings, and a surface piercing, which was a two inch bar going through the top layer of skin on the back of my neck). Now I’ve only got an orbital in my ear, which is one hoop going through two holes. While I cling viciously to the permanence and majesty of tattoos, I have been a bit fickle with my piercings. I am terrified of needles and the tattoo experience is vastly different from the piercing experience, I think because the shape of the piercing needle is too much like a hypodermic needle it gets me. The piercing that affected my anxiety the most was my septum piercing, mainly because I could see the needle. A few of these came out for job reasons and health reasons, ex: my tongue stud was damaging my teeth. But overall I do like piercings but I am not as attached to them as I am my tattoos. All the piercings I’ve taken out have closed up/healed nicely and the little holes/scars are not noticeable. I’ve never done gauges but I think they are very cool, but everyone who I’ve talked to who has or had gauges has had a horror story like yours. I think you should do whatever you want with your body. Treat yourself 🙂


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