March | Week Three | Reading List and Voting Poll

For those of you who haven’t yet written for our prompts and linked to one of the submission surveys, I would like to say: What’s up with that? #gowrite

Please be aware that the voting polls will close Wednesday, March 25th at 11:45 p.m. EST.

Your reading list for “Live to Tell the Tale” awaits:

Title: Shall I?
Author: bluegerl
Word Count: 688
Warnings: Suspense

Title: Vilgen’s Deceit
Author: missflyer
Word Count: 1216
Warnings: Hematophagy at death

Title: Moving On
Author: ayumidah
Word Count: 1120
Warnings: None listed

Title: I Alone Remain Behind
Author: cedarwolfsinger
Word Count: 807
Warnings: None

Only two of our regular contestants will carry on to Week Four, so make your votes and comments count!

Just For Fun Entries:

Title: All is Fair
Author: celticdr4gon
Word Count:457
Warnings: None listed

Title: Agony
Author: skyllairae
Word Count: 329
Warnings: Loneliness, depression

Title: What Worlds May Come?
Author: bluegerl
Word Count: 146
Warnings: None

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