Manic Monday, hosted by RicoChey.

Good sunshiney morning, Flames. March is one of our special five-week months, so we have an Art Contest Mini for your entertainment! Don’t forget to keep your eyes open for Week Four voting as well.

Netflix has a habit of giving me exactly what I want. Most recently, it gave me one of my favorite television series in its entirety: 3rd Rock from the Sun. For those of you who are not familiar (for which you should be ashamed), 3rd Rock is about a team of aliens who land on Earth with the common goal of studying human nature. Using this simple premise, the show examines completely average topics but, of course, makes them hilarious and points out (even more glaringly than life already does) just how ridiculous so many of our human customs seem. In this episode, S4:E16 “Superstitious Dick”, the High Commander, Dick Solomon, discovers human superstition when he is given a chain letter. I had forgotten all about chain letters, despite the fact that Facebook and Tumblr still circulate a certain version of such a thing. I never believed in them, for which I am grateful. I don’t think I could have handled the psychological stress caused by realizing I had improperly forwarded such a thing.

That is not to say, however, that I am never superstitious. My superstitions just happen to be pretty unique to me, as opposed to following a social trend like letters, broken mirrors, or black cats. Honestly, I think a lot of it is just an extension of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, with which I live. I’m pretty sure the fear of leaving the mustard in the wrong slot inside my refrigerator door will cause me a terrible comeuppance is not a socially acceptable superstition. I am, however, rather fascinated by old folk legends and wives’ tales, particularly those with a magic(k)al background. To this day, I smirk to myself when a broom falls in the kitchen, and I am never surprised when unexpected company arrives that same day.

Are you superstitious? If so, will you share a few of your beliefs or suspicions? If not, why? Do you consider superstition to be legitimate, or a little hokey?


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2 Responses to Manic Monday, hosted by RicoChey.

  1. I’ve no idea where it originated, but all my life I heard the old folks refer to their “money hand” and their “stranger hand”. If the left hand itches, it means unexpected money is about to arrive; if the right hand itches, it means you’re about to have the opportunity to meet a new friend. (And somewhat related, if your nose itches, it means company’s coming.)

    I thought these were all nonsense as a kid. But guess what? These little ‘superstitions’ are so freaking accurate that my husband actually consults my left hand before making bold financial decisions! And if I wake with an itchy nose, I immediately go clean the living room. The right hand itches on almost a daily basis, because I work in customer service and live in an apartment complex — I’m always meeting potential friends.


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