A special wednesday chatter

Happy April Fool’s Day…which is a modern hangabout from the Feast of Fools, where the lower folk for one day had power, even if not usable.

Which I have to admit had nothing to do with anything.

I have a confession. I did not create APAD. The truth is it was 2003 and I had heard about a library somewhere which has started an APAD program where they were posting a famous poem every day.

Said I to myself, how much more interesting it would be to write my own.  And so I did.  Because a good deal of the poems were based on my life and the lives around me, some of them I get the feeling might be … hmm … discomforting to some after all this time. Odd moments and old relationships that have gone the way of American common sense. Oh sorry, did not mean to bring that up. 2003 … 30 poems a year. Adds up to a lot of poems.

That said, I am a bit of a literary anarchist. As far as I am concerned you do not need to do your APAD as I have. Even if I do suggest it. But the month is more about poetry than poets. So if you want to post a poem every day that you have written in the past so be it. If you want to post a series of favourite poets then more power to you. We have, as it happens, an APAD section has been set up here.



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