As it happens-Sunday Chatter

First of all, happy holiday, whichever you celebrate.

I was watching an episode of Midsomer Murder and Hayley Mills was a guest star in a relatively small role. For those who do not know, Hayley was a child star in the 60s In fact in 1960 she won the last Academy Juvenile Award for her role in Pollyanna. Which was a long time ago.

Between her age and being a cancer survivor, Ms Mills is not the smooth face lass she was at the time. Unlike many actors (male and female) she does not seem to have made much effort at trying to stay “young looking”. Nor,imho, should she.

Which leads me to think. I challenge you to go back to your early characters and wonder what they would be like now. I realise for some of you that might be last year, or last decade, or last millennium. Which frighteningly was not that long ago.

What do you think they would be like now? Act like? Look like? What has gone on in their lives since you set those lives afloat on the literary sea?

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