Chatter Post, Friday April 10, 2015 — April Week 1

Hello, my fiery friends! I seem to have missed the memo about writing like Shakespeare, so I have not done so. I hope you will forgive me! Since writing and inspiration and creativity are the watch words for Friday Chatters, I thought I would talk about my writing for Camp NaNoWriMo this month. I am writing family stories for my great-niece who will be a year old on April 16th. I have a very clear and present inspiration for this project – my wallpaper for the laptop is a slide show of her pictures. What is your inspiration? Do you have any? Do you sit down to write no matter how you feel, muse present or absent?

My goal this year is to write for all three of the NaNoWriMo events – Camp in April and July, and the big November event, NaNoWriMo. For this month, I have written every day. It has not been a struggle. This leads me to believe that I can write every day going forward, formal writing event or not. Do you have major writing goals? Do you write for other places besides Brigit’s Flame? If you had one tip or trick to share, what would it be?

My tip would be to do Word Sprints. A word sprint is when you set a timer (I like 15 minutes, others like 5 or 10 minutes) and write hell-bent-for-leather until the timer goes off. Until last November, I always handwrote. It was a good flow and I enjoyed it. I won NaNoWriMo three years, and Camp for three years as a hand writer. Last November, I started to write. I discovered that my tremors have affected my writing if I write for long periods of time, as is required by NaNoWriMo. I am typing/reading into Word via Dragon my 2014 work and I am having a difficult time reading my writing, which is going everywhere on the page. I got to Day 20 and was dreadfully behind. I sat down at the computer to see if I could compose at the keyboard. Necessity being the mother of invention, lo and behold, I could. Since then, I have used Word Sprints when I wanted to power up the word count. This month I decided to use them and see how they worked for me. I have written more than 10K already and I have done it entirely in 15 minute word sprints. I have put several of them together (usually two) and then closed the document for a time, to come back later and do it again.

Have a wonderful weekend. Before you go, share your writing experiences with us – please?


There’s still time to get your act together – April’s week one prompt is waiting for you.

APAD – soul food – write it while it’s hot.

Camp NaNoWriMo – 20 days left. Don’t miss it.


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3 Responses to Chatter Post, Friday April 10, 2015 — April Week 1

  1. Great progress!

    My recurring issue is that I have no designated time for writing… and when I try to designate a time period, it’s difficult to enforce when all sorts of interruptions arise. I really put my foot down during February and managed to complete a lot of revision/editing and reorganization of a collection I started three years ago — big success, I have to say. Even so, it was a daily struggle to get people to leave me alone for several consecutive hours. I keep telling myself I’ll create a new routine that includes driving to the library and taking one of their private work rooms for two hours a day, but I haven’t enacted that plan yet.


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  3. RicoChey says:

    I am prepared to blame writer’s block on a lack of computer desk, and I’m not even kidding. I NEED A DESK.


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