APAD – 10

As You Must

You will write the spirit free of old rhyme and scheme,
free of ulterior motive, until the hammering quiets;
until both hands rest against the warm spine of a realized dream.

You will pen down secrets long guarded by imagined folk —
caretakers of magic and rage, and all those unnamed lovers
living in your head.

Atop green hills backlit by a late summer sky,
you will line up strangers in stanzas
and construct their untimely fates.

You will dig out slabs of stone, fool’s gold, and gems
to stockpile away. The Future will erect monuments
with all these treasures mined from ground you claimed.

You will create a collection of recipes — words blended alive
and squirming—left to marinate for hours and a day, until disparate
meanings coalesce into nothing less than a lifetime of unforgettable flavors.

You will stir passions past the brink of death,once more.
Once more and a thousand times, you will breathe into the folds
of blank pages, blank pages waiting, just waiting for purpose.

Ink stains tattoo your fingertips (and the edges of your soul)
and still, you will write.

This is my belated contribution to APAD. Meanwhile, I’m counting on our dear Bardi to catch us up to Day 11. Y’all #gowrite some poetry and share with us. We’re hungry for it.

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