Weekend Wrap-Up

Greetings and Salutations and all that fun stuff? Has your weather done well by you? Here in our area it has been..well..wet and loud. To the point where I have been told I will be without internet at the house until at least next Saturday. Thankfully you still get to read our chatterlings through the week.

Oh wait..also in case you have not noticed..scattered through the chatter posts and also in a sidebar area of its own, you will find poetry. This being because it is apad. A point to bear in mind…if you have not done any it is not too late. we do not need no stinking rules around here, eh? SO..where was I


about the aging of adjectives or other characters.


About doing Mitzvahs and good deeds and collecting lost souls. Actually that last part sounds just a little scary.


About this month’s prompts and comfort zones and various odds and ends that are going on. Tis not just daffodils that sprout you know.


reminders or just mind nudges or…oh never mind, đŸ™‚Thursday

HARK..behold the Bardi..or Bacon..or whoever wrote all those plays, forsooth.


all about writing experiences..and asking for yours.

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