as it happens-Sunday chatter

what is that odd phenomenon outside? Oh wait, I remember…sunshine. A few days of storms and funnel clouds and flood watches leading, among other things to me having no internet at the house for the next week. Thank gods and dodos for helpful neighbours with strong wifi signals.

It feels odd to be netless. The last time I remember being more than a day or so without internet was hmm..20 years ago give or take. I have been online since..well before the internet per se. With a 300 baud modem and those trademark squeals as I found a local bbs that I could get on. Of course there was USENET and FIDO, sort of pre internet mail systems and for national communication there were the big boys. Compuserve, Genie, AOL, Delphi. I believe they are all gone now, except AOL in some sort of odd media capacity.

I do wonder what happened to Second Life? Which was the largest attempt at virtual life. In a way I suppose it led to a book which is going to be a movie..Ready Player One.

The thing is, do we as writers even need such a thing? After all, we create our own universes. Even if they are historical fiction tales or romance ot what have you, it is not the universe we live inside.

Which leads to a question. Have you ever created a universe you would rather live in?

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