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I carry my flash drive with me wherever I go. I’m like one of those kids who carries their bank cards in the same dangling lanyard as their bus pass. I can’t help but have it with me at all times. I have had actually paranoid delusions about my house burning to the ground with my flash drive inside. I worry about the animals too, of course, but my flash drive is definitely up there! I’ve been working harder than I’ve ever had to against writer’s block, just to get through ONE of the books in a series I dream of completing. In an effort to change the game a little, I used my junk paper pile to print off everything I have so far. I combined the pages into a binder and separated them by section/topic. The idea is that my natural inclination to edit hardcore with a red pen on physical paper will kick in and put my creativity into overdrive. I got so into the idea, I even made a hard copy binder for a second project of mine, and for a joint project my boyfriend would like to pursue.

Just seeing my book (or what I have so far) in print like that… it was a great feeling. It really helped me envision what it will be like to have a real, finished manuscript. I’ve already taken a red pen to some parts, changed up a few big chunks of the story, and whisked up some new ideas and plans. Something about taking a red pen to actual paper just felt more like I was taking something apart and putting it back together the way it needed to be. Editing from the computer is definitely quicker, but I think I missed the idea of having “drafts” — instead of mistakes going away, you get to keep copies of where your work started, so that you can truly compare it to h0w far it’s come. I am hopeful this means I’ve found the trick for jump-starting my brain… or whatever organ it is that writes books.

By what method do you inject a dose of adrenaline into your drive to complete a project? Also, do you edit more effectively by computer, or by pen and paper?


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3 Responses to Manic Monday, hosted by RicoChey.

  1. I carried flash drives around like precious coins when I was attending college on campus. Everything had a quadruple back up — one copy to the prof, one hard copy, one copy emailed to myself, and one copy on the flash drive! Feeling the heft of a work printed out is BEYOND important, in my opinion… looking at all those pages, flipping through them, even before taking on the editing makes it all a tangible reality. I’ve been at the brink of giving up on a project, then I feel that stack of pages printed out and the passion fires back up.

    As for editing, I do a sloppy back and forth. The red pen gets me started, but usually I can’t finish an entire editing project without going to the keyboard … and I usually can’t finish without printing it all out twice more! (I waste a lot of paper, ink, and electricity during the process.)


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