As It Happens-Sunday Chatter

Urban Legends. Fascinating things, and certainly the basis for a great deal of fiction in the 20th and 21st C.E. I was watching a documentary on them and it turns out that,contrary to popular belief, a lot of Urban Legends have little or no basis in fact. But sometimes what fact they do have contact with can be even more frightening.

John Wayne Gacy, the so called killer clown, apparently commited no murders while he was a clown. The clown was just about being the center of attention. Hwlloween candy killer? Yes there was one, but as it turned out, it was not a crazy neighbour but a child’s father. Who was, as an interesting fact,executed on Halloween.

But then the truth is that humanity has always had a tendency of playing a bit loose with history. The entire concept of History as demanding a factual basis is fairly recent. And it sometimes looks like it was only a brief moment. Just as an example, the recent incursion of revisionists telling us that the Holocaust did not happen.

Deep breath and avoids the soap box. So have you used Urban Legends or History in your writing? And have you been known to, oh let us say do some tweeking, with the actual data of History??

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