April | Week Three, Act III | Reading List and Voting Poll

Ho Flames! What cheer?

We are down to the third Act, the final scenes of retaliation, recovery, and revelation. RicoChey inspired us with another quote of the Bard – “The Devil can cite scripture for his purpose.”

This was taken from The Merchant of Venice, Act I, Scene III and was spoken by Antonio against the money lender Shylock. [ASIDE] Another instance of Shakespeare influencing our modern language. Shylock is now used as a slang term for loan sharks that charge impossible interest rates and are ruthless in their pursuit of repayment. Prior to Shakespeare’s use of it, the word or name shylock had never been heard.[]

In the scene, Shylock is rationalizing his profession by making an example to Antonio on why interest should be due the money lender and retells a story from the Bible to make his point. Antonio, who professes to never lend money for the purpose of gaining a profit, says his piece about the devil to his friend Bassanio directly after. Thus begins the drama in The Merchant of Venice which erupts around a cultural conflict that was highly discussed in Shakespeare’s time.

Where did our writers find their conflict? Was it personal, cultural, internal? Let’s slip in to find out.

Your reading list:

Title: Ilya’s story.
Author: bluegerl
Words 1995.
Warnings. I suppose. It is a gangster story.

Title: Cite the Dying
Author: Kathy/darlinleo
Word Count: 265
Cento Poetry

Title: Willa the Wisp Act 3
Author: skyllairae
Word Count: 744
Warnings: none

Title: The Devil You Never Consider
Author: jlly_Tami
Word Count: 2,680
Warnings: None


Title: A King Falls.
Author: bluegerl
Word Count: 712
Warnings: a death, of course.

The polls close by 11:45pm on Wednesday (EDT).
With this competition the goal is to write a four part story, so we will suspend weekly eliminations and choose the best, complete work that meets the three acts and an epilogue criteria at the end of the month. There will be a poll each week to provide feedback for the writer on how well received their story was, but the votes that choose a winner will not happen until May 1st.

Remember when you are voting to consider how well the writer has met the criteria given.

The contest is now closed to new competitors, but we encourage any latecomers to submit as JFF if their inner bard is provoked by a prompt.

Be sure to spread some comment love, let your fellow writers know they are appreciated. If it’s an off-site blog and you have trouble with commenting, feel free to share your comments here and we’ll pass them along. In fact, I encourage you to share some [constructive] public thoughts below with the community. Let’s talk about what we read, together.

We love it when our Embers write, but we also need the community to come together and read what’s being submitted. Even if you didn’t have time to write this week, please take a few minutes to read and encourage your friends to read as well. Share our fire!



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4 Responses to April | Week Three, Act III | Reading List and Voting Poll

  1. t.s.wright says:

    Reblogged this on Eadar Doodles + Cheese and commented:
    Check out what our members wrote. You’ll wish you’d been a part of it from the beginning.
    May’s prompt goes up soon, don’t miss the boat. You can write stories or poetry – whatever literary currency you transact, we are greedy for your words and imagination.


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