As It Happens

Well my goodness, it is May. Tra tra la, the lusty Month of May. errr..I mean.

Is it a matter of coincidence that the topic of the Month should be Reality in a month known for its lustiness?
Or should we concentrate on flowers, he asks with as much innocence as he can gather. (my that is a rather small nuch of flowers)

Broaching the two together. Do you believe in reality? Or are there different things that go together to make up what we call reality. The Us Senate apparently has a different view of reality than I do, given that they have said that humans are not responsible for climate change while I find it quite real. I am not saying who is right, just that our realities do not match. Do the realities you write match what you believe to be reality?

As for lustiness, etc. Do you write about it as a normal part of a story or as the reason for the story or do you write about it at all?

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2 Responses to As It Happens

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  2. t.s.wright says:

    I’m enjoying the music in the video, she hasn’t started singing yet though.
    You got tons of little wicked thoughts merrily appearing? We usually reserve THAT kind of writing for October. We call it Prontober.

    In my long fiction I usually forget about lustiness. I have other fish to fry. My characters tend to be too busy fleeing enemies, or trying to track down the thieves who stole Mjölnir to stop for a little nookie.

    My very first short story for the Flame dealt with lustiness. My character was a succubus style vampire and towards the middle it became necessary to write a sex scene. I found I could not get the words out. I intended to share the story with this new writing group and all of these strangers and I was too embarrassed to write the scene descriptively. It came out so lame. Toxic was my editor for that story and she said something along the lines of -if you can’t describe it, you might as well skip it. Many moons later, when I’d gotten to know a few people in the community (in October) I tried again with a different story. It was still a struggle, but I managed it.

    I was raised Baptist, they’re all about repression.


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