Manic Monday, hosted by RicoChey.

This month, we plunge deep into the concept of reality, and what it means to each of us. So many factors in an individual can influence their perception of reality. We know this much to be true, but how much of it do we truly understand? A notorious BLUE AND BLACK dress (dang it) recently tore the internet to shreds, proving rather frustratingly that a literal reality can be influenced by light, angle, and the actual shape of one’s eye. If something literal and physical can be so fluid, can potential does the figurative hold?

The concept of reality actually haunts me. I don’t know if it’s mental illness or disability or if it’s just me, but there are frequent moments in which I question whether I am on the same page as the rest of the world. This month, I will be using these jarring experiences to create my vision of the prompt. I will parlay my phantoms into something I feel safe to share with others, and hopefully it will be relatable enough to quell my concerns that I am alone. (Now imagine how silly I’m gonna look if I don’t finish?)

In one thing, I know I am not alone. I am joined by hundreds of thousands of other writers who must wonder, at least on occasion, if a mental defect or simple difference is what makes them what they are, as an artist. The track record for mental illness is impressive through the ages of famous artists. We don’t all cut off our ears, but that doesn’t mean we’re hiding our demons as well as we think we are. Mental and spiritual disturbance shape our realities, and our realities shape our work. Unfortunately, there is no escaping this.

Even if you consider yourself completely mentally sound, how do you think the opposite affects talent? Would you argue that mental disease, defect, or glitch enhances the creative edge, or hinders it? Can there be brilliance without madness?

Keep an eye out for the Epilogue reading list, and click here to learn more about the May prompt!


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4 Responses to Manic Monday, hosted by RicoChey.

  1. There’s a fine line between genius and insanity, so yes to both questions — the creative edge can be enhanced and hindered. I know from my own experience (which of course is nowhere near genius) that depression and extreme grieving have given me the best work I’ll ever produce, and in other instances, totally shut me down. Can there be brilliance without madness? No, in my opinion. I think being on the edge — in some way or another — is what fuels creativity, whether it is a heightened sense of adventurism, extreme curiosity, or the unavoidable need to hear one’s own voice. Madness is necessary; a specific, dire diagnosis? No.

    Thanks, by the way, for those brilliant April prompts! I had the greatest time writing for them 🙂

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  2. t.s.wright says:

    I can tell you I cannot write when I’m in a depressed frame of mind. I think my creativity is tied to my inner child or the desire not to grow up. Even when people are dying in my stories I want to have fun with it. My muse is like the demon child left behind to run the computers after most of the world has been destroyed. She loves butterflies — and people trapped in giant spiders’ webs — and puppies!
    Without her, I would be a dull work-a-holic.
    On a serious note, during my senior year of high school my English teacher took me aside to ask if everything was okay with me. She had observed that I was more “eccentric than usual”, being disruptive where I was usually a good student. Ms. Frost was one of the only teachers who had encouraged my writing and indulged my tangents during creative writing lessons. She was kindly inquiring into my state of mind because I had gone from being one of her favorite students to being a huge pain in the ass. So I told her everything that was going on with me, except that one thing I couldn’t tell anyone or risk expulsion. She hugged me after and told me to write it all down so I could sort through it. Then very kindly asked if I could tone it down in class.
    I wrote about the things that made me angry and that helped some, but I couldn’t put the other stuff into words. The feelings that were fear and being alone. I couldn’t write them down back then.
    I don’t have that problem as much now, but there are still times when that little girl in her Peter Pan costume goes and pouts in a corner and refuses to pick up the pen. I think the concepts are too adult for her.

    I also used to worry that I was retarded (excuse the slang) and everyone knew it, but no one had ever told me outright (doctors/parents). People commented often that I was weird, but never came out and said I had a medical mental issue to my face. Imagine my relief to discover I’m just a writer.


  3. t.s.wright says:

    I would like to add that spending extensive amounts of time within one’s own imagination must have a negative impact on one’s sanity.


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