As it Happens-Sunday Chatter

I have noticed that as you get older, Life occasionally sends us free drug trips that do not even need drugs. There was a time where I might have thought this was in the nature of cool things, but these days I would just as well do without.

One thing I have noticed. It is very seldom that old people become the protagonist. Villain perhaps but seldom the protagonist. And almost never the love interest. As though people over 55 do not have libidos. As a matter of fact they do. Obviously crime mysteries do not count in this.

Older people have things that younger people do not have. They remember their dreams, and what happened to them. And some of them still hold some of those dreams, contrary to what people may thing. And they have memories, ever so many memories.

Do you ever start out by saying, I am going to write about this person who is this age. And if you do does it affect your worldview in the story?

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