Topic Post | June 2015 | Lost & Found

“Memory is the sense of loss, and loss pulls us after it.”
Marilynne Robinson, Houskeeping

What an odd species we are, preoccupied with the past, stubbornly fixated on what could have been if only … often unable to recognize when immersed in profound moments; rarely able to express profundity.

Yet there are those among us who can express the meanings, the applications of the painful lessons that come with humanness, those who can — if we listen, if we read them — direct us toward what treasures we cannot see with the naked, mournful eye beneath all that tragedy, shame, and tediousness — all of which drags us back to exhaustively, obsessively reexamine the past.

We have all felt the impact of losing something, or someone, thought vital to our very existence — love, reputation, wealth, youth, health, certainty. We all have loss in common, but there is more. There is something that comes with embracing the absence of that once believed vital. It’s gone, and yet, here we are: Living. Breathing. Learning. Writing. Searching.

Searching … What  if it’s not a total mistake to sift through the past? What if we stop letting it pull us, and begin to purposely steer ourselves through? I challenge you to be deliberate in Finding Loss and all the secrets it might hold for the future.

Will you express these finds through a dynamic character residing in another galaxy, in another earth-bound era? In the words of a poetic narrator? Or, will you dig deep and discover your very own voice for memoir?  Whatever the chosen mode of expression, I challenge you to be one of those amazing humans who can aid us in discovering a clear eye and  soothable soul.

We will listen. We will read you.

 Dear writers, be free to interpret this prompt as you will.
Write what you must.

All entries are due by 4 a.m. (EDT) Monday, June 29th.
Please submit here: 


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