A Writer’s Preoccupations Revealed: A Writing Game

Do you write what you know, or do you write what won’t leave you alone?

A glimmer not quite substantial enough to be called an idea  sits in the corner of your mind, waiting, hinting. What is it?  An unexplored landscape? A new language, a new approach to genre, no? A character with a sordid past …

It’s easily ignored at first, that glimmer. Then persistent. Then THERE ALL THE TIME AND YET IT WILL NOT SPEAK. You’re getting emotional, almost frantic. There’s got to be a way to make the glimmer come forth. So you sit down, let your fingers hover above the keyboard. Wait. You need music. Something … sweet, no? Edgy. Mysterious. Yeah, that’s it.

The glimmer begins to take shape. You see a man in silhouette. He begins walking with slow deliberate steps toward a car parked beneath a lamp post. Dawn is peeking over the horizon. Something is about to happen.


Show us in 500 words or less.

Nine writers signed up to create for Lost & Found. To nurture that creativity, we’ll be having Sprints & Games throughout the month — open to everyone, including those who didn’t meet the deadline for sign-ups. Stay tuned!

In addition to the Sprints & Games that will be offered here, Brigit’s Flame moderators will be hosting a Flamestorming session at Google Hangouts, 3:30 (EDT), Sunday June 14th. We’ll chat a bit, then jump into some timed Sprints!

Our writers this month are (in the order they signed on): t.s. wright, shane bell, shadowpanther10, ayumidah, cedarwolfsinger, alethessa, hwango, vladimir_hexane, and aniron_iorhael.

#gowrite y’all

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