Weekend Wrap-Up

At one point this week it was close to 40F. And at another point it was near 90F. The weather is much like writing. One never knows what will happen next. Speaking of happenings (wow..60s channeling there)..what have our chatterlings been up to?


The word today was age, young or old and how does it affect stories. The character’s age not yours. I know that you are all young.


Talking about the various transformations we may go through during time. Also,as a symptom of transformers,vlogs and wondering if you have any favourites.


A bit on the glimmer that becomes stories. Also about the Sprints etc that are coming up and about writer’s games in general.


If you like comedy, and esp if you like Erma Bombeck, then have we got a chatter for you.


Rainy Days and music, especially if you are a fan of the grand Turlough O’Carolan

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