So … that man in silhouette, what is he up to? Is he searching for someone? Or, is he contemplating the last conversation with a loved one now lost, berating himself for not understanding the significance of his final words?

He may just be up to no good.

Did you read through Tuesday’s writing challenge and notice that I gave no deadline? I didn’t want to pressure you. If the image put forth inspired you to take a completely different direction than the initial prompt, let me know today. I would love to discuss that direction with you. If your first glimmer is still holding fast, I am interested to know that, too.

Feel free to share your writing, questions about content editing, or any other musings shining in that writerly brain of yours.

Meanwhile, as you contemplate Lost & Found, I have another challenge. A Writing Sprint, actually. Your mission is to compose a list of fifteen words, words not yet employed within a story or poem in your current body of work. Post this list by 9 p.m. Eastern tonight — share words that will make for good discussion in my next Chatter Post, as well as spice up sentences in your next Brigit’s Flame entry!

#gowrite y’all


My Word List

1. famished
2. daring
3. quixotic
4. poignancy
5. blistering
6. downward
7. spontaneity
8. winsome
9. grievous
10. agony
11. naughty
12. scurried
13. lament
14. squawk
15. prolific


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3 Responses to WRITING SPRINT: Lost & Found

  1. t.s.wright says:

    Words I’ve never used before? Or words I haven’t used in the story I’m writing for June?


    • Words you’ve never used before, regardless of simplicity or complexity.


      • t.s.wright says:

        I doubt there are any. Maybe foreign words…
        I spent years of my childhood carrying around a dictionary to look up words people used that I didn’t know. I click the thesarus on my phone more often than I check facebook. These things plus my life-long reading appetites have made my vocabulary quite extensive. If there are some words I’ve missed using in my writing, it’s because they’re not already burned into the memory banks. How do you propose I find them to list for you?

        Things I’ve never had cause to use in my writing:
        1. Bomb diggoty
        2. Fo schizzle
        3. Totes adorbs
        4. That is dank (as in good, not damp and smelly)
        5. Get jiggy with it.
        6. Bah wit’ the bah the dang de dang diggy diggy.
        7. The “N” word. With or without the replacement h that people apply to indicate slang.
        8. Rutabaga
        9. Studebaker
        10. Bukaki

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