Where have you been?

Hello, my fiery friends!  Happy Friday!! I hope you have wonderful plans for the weekend.  I will be in the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York at The Natural Stone Bridge and Caves.  My husband and I have been visiting this place at least once a year since we were married – which is 25 years.  It is beautiful, and is one of the places in the world that is a Heart-Home for me.  It also is a place where there is no cell phone signal nor a reliable Internet connection.  This means I will be unplugged for 5 days!  I am really looking forward to it!

I have had my mind on packing and traveling all week.  Since people seemed to enjoy the games last Friday, I thought I would make up a game.  Write down the name of the best place you’ve ever visited – a city, an attraction, a state, a highway, whatever.  Then write a short poem, limerick, haiku, drabble, short fiction piece using words starting with one of the letters in the name of your best place. (I will not make you use them in the order they appear, nor will I require multiple uses of the same letter even if it appears in the name multiple times. You may also use other words — just try to limit them.  This is a game, after all!)  Have fun with it.  Then, if you feel comfortable, put out a challenge with the name of a city, an attraction, a state, etc.  See who jumps in.  If your product is silly – even better.  Let’s all share some laughter today!

Here’s mine:  The Blue Ridge Parkway

The water is unusually dark

Each ripple lethargic

Ghostly yearnings

Bitter air!

Keep away!

Heron passes

The Lost & Found June contest is still going for those of you who signed up, and those of you watching can still play along with weekly word games (here’s a recent treat) and support your fellows as the month unfolds.


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6 Responses to Where have you been?

  1. t.s.wright says:

    It’s kinda rough, but here goes…

    London, England
    Lagging sleep
    On another XYZ
    Doors open
    On historical ground

    Exploration! Freedom!
    No holds adventure
    Gasping – chill, wet wind frosts noses
    Lovely – cherry blossoms shiver and fall
    Albion – tingles with bardic tales
    Never want to leave
    Dream me back again

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  2. t.s.wright says:

    Reblogged this on Eadar Doodles + Cheese and commented:

    Tell us about it — in verse.
    Write her a limerick, if you dare.


  3. Shiloh

    Shadows, battle ghosts —
    history must be felt, heard,
    overcome. Shiloh.

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  5. Eternal, everlasting,
    Past historic – present reverence
    Humans lived here – more alive than we.
    Elementary beings, explorers, emigres, everyone
    Sailors. stragglers, strugglers, stealers,
    Unbounded in beauty, unearthly ghostings living,
    Standing in solitary wonder, while the bulbul sings.


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  6. bardiphouka says:

    This is their war over.
    Brought to enemy territory
    to live strange climates,
    white climates, ice climates

    Now cars go by,;lovers
    and families and salesman
    and soldiers on their way to
    yet another war.

    But for them, under their
    calm rows of white stones
    their war is over.


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