Weekend Wrap-Up

Once upon a time (a few days ago) there was a Tropical Storm named Bill. Bill passed away as a Tropical Storm, but his decaying corpse is expected to dump flooding rains on Cincinnati. Thankfully I am in Columbus for the weekend, so all the storm will due to me is increase the fertility of the garden. Speaking of fertile..what has been brought to your thoughts by the chatterlings this week?


Time in its aspects. And if your when is the same as others.


Not really playing games with dead bodies, but still fun. And at least you are not the corpse,eh?


From fun to format, on creating editing checklists. Something very handy to learn.


A quite wonderful analysis of humour in Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files.


So we end the week with a companion of the beginning. The beginning was about the whens of us. And the end is a game based on the where. Go and try it. I think you will enjoy.

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