As it Happens with some holidays

Some holidays fade over time. Today was one of them…so happy Solstice. I can remember when it was still celebrated by many. Or was celebrated again by many depending on how you look at it.

Here it has also been Father’s Day. Which we celebrated..the boys and I for lunch and then the whole family (ex, her husband, the boys, my semi-adopted grandchildren) went to see Jurassic World. One of the nice points of the movie, or one of the early, was the soundtrack at the beginning, from the original movie. With all that has been happening over the last week it was nice to go into an Imax theatre and feel Williams original score down to the bones. What does one have to do with the other? Feeling that music roll over me and through me I had the most unexpected sensation…one of hope. And I think hope is one of the things we are most missing in this day and age, no matter where we live. And as we move through the Solstice Holiday I offer you the gift of hope. Feel free to pass it on. The more Hope is spread the more there is to spread.

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