Day Jobs and Writing

Hello Lovelies!

June seems to be flying by really fast! I can’t quite believe it’s almost over. Time is definitely flying and as we wind down to the end of another month we are also approaching the deadline for the June contest. So today I’d like to talk to you about how you make writing exist around your lives or how you make your lives exist around your writing. Do you find that you have the time to write or do you feel like there is never enough time to accomplish everything you want?

I’m definitely a person who makes my life around my writing, or I try to anyway. I’m not a “professional” writer but I have discovered, over the course of my life, that creativity has to be the center of my universe or else I won’t be able to cope with reality and I get really miserable. So I try to structure everything else in my life around my writing. I’ve got kind of a routine going and I try to draw inspiration from everything but I’ve recently moved and my whole routine has been thrown off.

Thankfully I have a very supportive family and everyone understands that I need to write but my bills and bank account do not. As you can imagine that can be very distressing, especially since I’ve been unemployed for the past few months and I really need a job to pay my bills so I can keep writing/living.

Right now, having a full-time job would seriously help decrease my financial stress but might not give me the time I need to exist as a creative person. I have a job interview thing tomorrow and if they offer me a job I will take it but I know I will risk going back into that depressed state because I’ll feel like I won’t have the time or energy to write. I’m trying to keep a positive outlook but it’s hard when all my past experiences tell me I can either have a job or time to write, not both. So I’m trying to turn this experience into the exception to the rule and re-define what it means to be creative and (possibly) have a full-time day job again.

So today I ask you: how do you balance? How do you exist as a writer in a world where you have other equally and sometimes more important things first? Are you a full-time parent as well as a full-time employee?

I think it’s absolutely amazing that you are here, doing everything that you are doing and still writing.


Lost & Found entries are due Monday, June 29. There are still opportunities for peer reading and editing.

Tomorrow, Thursday, June 24 at 7:30 pm EDT there will be a FLAMESTORMING meet and greet/writing discussion. Send an email to for a Google Hangout invite.

If you’re struggling with how to end your June manuscript, pop by RicoChey’s post about killing off characters.


If you haven’t already, check out the awesome collection of editing advice here and here!



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