As it Happens, a Comfortable Sunday

Who would have thought it, we have dropped down from 90s F to 70F. Granted it will eventually go back up but it is nice to be comfortable.

No matter what country you live in I am sure you have heard some of the news from the US this month. The massacre in South Carolina (although there have not been as much about the arsons that have been going on against Afro-American Churches. The conservative Supreme Court standing up in favour of gay marriage. And in favour of what is called Obamacare.
So today I went to a street fair in the small suburb of Cheviot. Bands and food anbd crafts and beer.

Mostly I went because my next door neighbour’s band was playing. Only it turns out that he has quit the band. As had the other guitarist. I remember when he first started how excited everyone was. And the band had some minor issues but they were good. But real life can get in the way of even the smallest of dreams. And some dreams take up considerably more time than others. What about you? Have you lost dreams? Or perhaps more importantly, have your characters ever lost dreams?

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