Quickie: Where do you write?

Welcome to another week, Flames. For those of you in the States, did you enjoy your holiday weekend? I spent mine seeing Jurassic World with friends and watching fireworks from the rooftop of a parking garage downtown. ‘Merica.

I want to do something quick and simple for us today, but still in the team spirit. It’s an idea I’ve seen moving through other writing communities as a sort of meme. We’ve talked about location and environment before, but have we shared the details of our preferred writing space?

Personally, I know my writing space is non-existent. I blame a lot of this on my recent dismantled friendship with my roommate and the subsequent move that uprooted my access to furniture. I have a vision of a writing space, but have yet to create it.

I see an L-shaped desk that can accommodate both my 51″ television/gaming monitor and a smaller, writing specific monitor that consumes less energy to operate. I see an ergonomic keyboard and mouse set made for carpal tunnel sufferers who also want to own at Skyrim. Pencils, pens, highlighters, scratch paper, a ruler, and an empty space for sketches occupy the surface between the two monitors. I can draw here when my visions are not yet simple enough for the written word. I see a chair that promotes proper posture and prevents the discomfort and poor health caused by a constant sitting position. I can dismantle it and use it as an exercise ball. (It’s a real thing!) Most importantly? I see my totems. My figures, photos, and found objects that are meant to center, comfort, and inspire me.

This is the space I see when I imagine my end game. What do you see? Or have you already found your perfect space? What makes a perfect space?

Your Mission: In the comments, share with us your writing space, whether it already exists or you hope to create in the future. You can describe it as I have done here or, if you are savvy, you can show us an actual picture. Because I am not savvy, I would post the URL to where my photo is hosted. Embed HTML is a concept beyond my grasp!

Congratulations to Shane Bell for his recent win! It’s a great thing to win a month, but what about four weeks in a row? Join us during the month of July for a series of minis!

Week One has launched. What do you see through the Knothole?


About RicoChey

I'm just an unmarried, childless, thirty-something high school dropout with big ideas and a small attention span. Weave drunkenly behind me as I meander through my own life: a winding path of musings on life, relationships, food, the few politics I can stomach discussing, and probably really dumb stuff like the ratio of Sex and the City episodes wherein Carrie does and does not appear to be wearing extensions.
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6 Responses to Quickie: Where do you write?

  1. Cristina Van Estes says:

    My writing space does not exist either. I’ve been using our old typewriter desk as my desk, but my wooden chair from my childhood desk is completely uncomfortable. Right now, I’m actually lying down and typing this… Yeah. I’m lazy and sleepy today. And have 0 understanding of ergonomics apparently.

    My writing space would have a spacious desk for my laptop and plenty of room to jot down notes or sketch ideas if need be. It’d have a comfortable chair (maybe I’ll try those exercise balls as a chair). There’d be a bulletin board with pictures of my characters and other things. And it would all just flow together really well. And it’d be near a window overlooking some beautiful scenery.

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  2. <

    This is where I became a writer — shoved in the corner of my immense dining room in our old house out in Oklahoma. Now my ‘office’ is shoved in the corner of a tiny apartment bedroom.

    One day I hope to have an entire room… the furniture style doesn’t really matter to me just now, as long as I have a dozen or so bookcases and a REAL office chair. That would be awesome.

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  3. skyllairae says:

    In my old house I had a “study” or home office where I finished the bulk of my school work and my writing. When I moved into my mom’s house I had my bed and a small antique desk with a broken leg that rattled every time I touched my laptop keyboard. Now that I have my own apartment I have, again, my bed and a slightly less rattly table. I hope, when I have more substantial income, to get one of those huge, industrial desks that you see in state agency buildings or in college department offices (how I will fit one in my car I haven’t quite figured out yet) with lots of space for random piles of papers and books. I already have the perfect chair for the job but it might be commandeered for other purposes before my desk dream becomes a reality.

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  5. AIG says:

    Thanks for posing this question!
    Well, my writing space has lately been my…. iPhone. I never imagined this would be the case, but basically because most of what I’ve been writing lately is short poems, it is rather convenient to type them into an app on my phone wherever a thought hits me – at home, on the train to work, at work (don’t tell my boss), in the bathroom (ok, I will stop there). But if I ever imagined a writing space, it would be a room clad with bookshelves floor to ceiling. It would have a big oak desk, a fireplace, a window facing a snowed in field and old squeaky floors.

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