Fun and Games — Games with Words

Good morning, my fiery friends!  It is Friday!  I know it is Friday! I am up early because I was unable to make sense yesterday (a migraine will do that to a person).  I made the choice to go to bed early and get up early this morning to get this chatter up reasonably early in the day!

Since people appear to enjoy the games, I poked at “games with words” on Google.  The first entry was called, appropriately enough,  games with words.  It is the site of a group doing studies about language and how that changes with age, and various neurological conditions.  I played both the vocabulary game and the distraction game (entitled “Ignore that!”)  It was fun.  The distraction game was harder than the vocabulary game.

I hope you enjoy them.  I thought they were fun and I was up way earlier than usual on a Friday morning!  Have a lovely day!!!

You should be writing for week one of the July mini-contest, “Knothole“.


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