Gonna Try With A Little Help From My Friends – writing game

I’m not writing an article today. Now that the Writing Humor series is done, I’m looking for an epic topic (let’s call it a Tepic) to discuss with you.

So this week is free for us to have a little fun together. I am going to post the links to a few songs below, pick one and write a story or poem to go with the song.
Try not to repeat the lyrics in your story (unless it’s a significant line of dialog). When you follow the link, close your eyes and listen to it, don’t be led by the video story. If I could share these without any video I would and I’ve chosen the static videos when available.

Write as much or little as you want, but link us to your piece in the comments so we can enjoy it.

Today’s post was inspired by skyllairae’s submission for week two of the Month-o-Minis. If you haven’t read it yet, go here – Doll’s Lament – then be sure to follow her link to the musician’s website and listen to the song.

  1. Florence + The Machine – What The Water Gave Me
  2. The Wailin’ Jennys – Cherry Blossom Love
  3. Sarah Mclachlan – Hold On
  4. The Be Good Tanyas – The Littlest Birds
  5. Beck – Farewell Ride
  6. Cake – Sad Songs and Waltzes
  7. Gaelic Storm – Courtin’ in the Kitchen
  8. Train – Marry Me
  9. David Bowie – Moonage Daydream

Have fun with it 😀

Today is the last day to vote for your favorite week 2 stories. Will Shane continue his reign?

Tomorrow is the last day to sign-up to write for week four.

Saturday is the deadline for week three submissions. Don’t let a glitch keep you from turning it in.


About t.s.wright

Writer, reader, casual photographer, nature-lover, dog mom. I grew up in a tree, inside a book, whispering possible futures into discarded seed pods that curled up and exploded each summer. One day, they cut down my tree and I was forced to go to school while waiting for the replacement trees to grow strong enough to hold me. But while we waited, I grew too heavy and awkward to climb, so I had to get a job. I spent my days surrounded by flimsy walls covered in carpet that made boxes and people who forgot to look out windows. I worked really hard. Possibilities were replaced with formulas and exactitude. Eventually I forgot how to climb a tree...and how to smile. Then one day, a dog licked my foot excessively and I remembered smiling. That reminded me of more things that didn't cost money and couldn't be tallied in a spreadsheet - like hugs and love and being happy. So I found myself a Steve who reminded me what home was. Then we filled it and our hearts with dogs. Eventually we planted our own tree, together. Even though I'm happy right here, right now, I remembered that we all need possibilities to dream of, so I've started writing them down.
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4 Responses to Gonna Try With A Little Help From My Friends – writing game

  1. Consent

    Every dance is a ritual
    Every hello the spark
    Of incantation – incantation
    Strum strum strums
    And slips
    Through your blood.


    Exchange a pocket of stones
    For stars gone blank in the morning sky.
    Sail away beneath still waters … lay down.

    Dance the ritual
    Spark the incantation
    Strum strum strum and slip …


    Strum strum strum …
    Let the water wash over
    Stagnating sorrow.

    (Inspired by What the Water Gave Me, by Florence + The Machine)

    I think you just handed me a new daily writing ritual. How did I ever get away from music?!

    Liked by 1 person

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