As it happens between drops

Big fat drops glimmering in the sunlight while the late afternoon tries to decide what the weather is…well, besides hot of course. It can all be so confusing, as Summer days often are here.

Magic is the same. Here is one of the large problems with Magic. What in the world are we talking about when we use the word magic? Slight of hand? Houdini? Harry Potter and company? Salem? Or the dark and white beliefs in true magic with demons,angels and other magical creatures. And spells.

And then there are the authors that tease us, not really letting us know what magic might be real as opposed Which are often my favourites. But then I admit a weakness for the old fashioned stage magic with little in the way of props. Not that I am any good at it. So one at least has words, eh?

And you think on magic or write on it?

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